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Let designers design.

After designing digital products for over a decade, I discovered a true passion in DesignOps by setting other designers up for success as individuals and as key contributors to a collaborative product team. Aligning designers with the best growth opportunities and providing a toolkit of standardized best practices, positions them to efficiently deliver high quality solutions while working with a diverse set of thinkers.

I often compare this responsibility to that of a stage manager organizing all of the moving parts backstage to ensure a great show. To be able to look at all of people and things, connect the dots and design an environment where everyone can thrive in their element — that's my favorite space to be.

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The part where the designer shows their best work and hopes you don't hate it.


They say to never look back, but here we are...

Aug 2019

Digital product design manager


Apr 2016
- Jul 2019

Creative director

Elevation Studio

Jan 2014
- Apr 2016

Graphic Designer


Dec 2010
- Feb 2014

Instructor + web designer

ArtMix Learning Center


People talk.

"[Mia has] been instrumental in staffing her team, organizing client work, and delivering highest quality independently. She is a creative problem solver when looking at business processes, delivery, and recommendations for how to get better."

- delivery lead, client Project

"She advocates for the integrity of the designs regularly in meetings with the client as well as provides mentorship to the team about design best practices.

- designer, client project

She approached the initiative to expand and standardize our design asset library with clear vision and goals and an impeccable organizational structure that allowed for the entire team to truly have a vested interest and ownership in the final output.

- design lead, internal team

I'm no writer, but I do it anyway.